Mom Gets Inked! Happy Birthday To Me!


phone pics 7th august dwld 1447Hey guys, the ink hasn’t even dried as I sit in #MyHappyPlace here keying in my tattoo experience. A gift I gave myself this year, as I turned 40…ish. There’s a teen in the house, but funny how it’s the mom who’s gone ahead and got herself a tattoo. That’s how it is out here. And all is well with the world.

Why a tattoo? People may ask, and it’s a very valid question. To which I would answer “why not?” To me a tattoo is something that unchains the boho side of you. It’s a celebration of you. And aesthetically, a neat accessory to tag along – if done right. Yes, the crucial point is – it had to be done right. That’s where you need to sit and ponder a little over the 3 “W’s” – Why? What? Where?

Why do you want a tattoo. And please, you can’t say “why not” to yourself. Sounds a bit odd don’t you think? There has to be a deeper reason to go ahead and mark yourself permanently and irrevocably, so to speak , for posterity. It’s your own private reason and you don’t have to necessarily declare it from the roof tops. But you’ve certainly got to think, before you ink! WARNING: one of the lamest reason is: because everyone else has one! If that thought is flitting in your brain right now, get yourself a gum and slap on the “butterfly tattoo” in it. Free and facile like the raison d’être. Gives you time to chew (no pun intended) on the issue a while.

Moving on to the ‘what’ – that’s another knotty (& naughty) matter. In my case, after a long search, it’s a “statement of intent.” A constant reminder of one of my life’s goals. Something I want to internalize. Eventually. This one can be quite tricky as the options are as diverse and plentiful as the millions of people who have gotten inked around the globe. You can seriously get lost in the fascinating maze of Sanskrit shlokas, tribal motifs, love signs, traditional patterns, neo-school designs, friendship bands, faces, fonts, colours, sizes, textures and plain blackwork! To all that, don’t forget to add the very popular “name game” – your boyfriend (what’s with that?), husband, kids, Om, Jesus, and what have you.

Then comes “Where.” Again a very personal decision, but one that needs to be dealt with care and some consultation. I was very clear on that one right from my “light-bulb” moment – 5 years ago (looks like I have broken some sort of a record on pondering surely)! The tattoo had to be very visible, and least painful. Full stop. So I went straight for the super fleshy, super visible forearm, where my “four-and-a-half inches of inspiration” sits pretty!

“UNFUCKWITHABLE”… that’s one of my tattoos. A word  I came across about two years ago on Facebook. And it was love at first sight.

unfuckwithable: (adj.) when you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you

Truly Wordgasmic! And so Zen! Although on the flip side I do encounter a lot of “Oh My God, what is unfuckable” while people try to arm-twist and decipher the slanting font. Naturally, this is followed by a round of explanatory pravachaan by Ma Gunjan, received with genuine awe sometimes and utter horror at others. IDEA. From now on, perhaps I could gently guide the naysayers as well as those who are truly interested in knowing, to this blog  right here on mycity4kids. Read on people, and go ahead make your choice, for in my case, the deed is done. The doer is happy. And the goal is clear, in dark black font!

Comes with a rider though, from my adorable 14-yr-old son, “Mom, please wear full sleeves for my next PTM.” Cracks me up, but as writer Michelle Delio once said, “Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.” – finds a definite echo in my heart! The body is decorated… now to work towards enhancing the soul. Amen!

(written in mycity4kids)


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