#IDY: G-peeps Keep Calm & Do Yoga


#IDYwithReebok was the rage all over G-town as G-peeps awoke bright and kicked at brahm mahurat – the auspicious waking hour, to be part of the International Day of Yoga, in sync with millions across the globe from Time Square to Sudan to Chattisgarh to Australia to Iraq and UAE and Tunisia and Chandigarh!

The venue? Cyber Hub of course, the hub of all hubs in G-town, which was super charged with the positive vibes of fitness freaks from all across town. Old, young, kids, runners, body builders, students, office goers – 600 fitness buffs assembled in a show of solidarity and complete commitment to the concept of healthy living. Registration done, everyone collected their climacool Reebok tees and settled on the bright pink or blue mats neatly laid out all over the venue around the centre-stage, with the drone camera in position to capture the event in all its glory.

CAPTION: The Reebok India drone camera captures a stunning birdseye view of the synchronized yoga at The Cyber Hub to mark the International Day of Yoga #IDYwithReebok & Reebok India

CAPTION:Yoga buffs Anubha, Gagan & Shubhra, who swear by the life altering benefits of this ancient form, get the tempo going with a perfect 10 on the style-o-meter!

Even the weather Gods decided to be at their supportive best, and a zephyr enveloped everyone in its gentle embrace as Anubha, the vibrant emcee-cum-yoga instructor took charge. Along with Gagan and Kamal, she started the group on the warm up drill with basic stretches and breathing exercises. What followed included a host of balancing poses, the energizing Trikon asana, lotus pose, locust pose, ardh hal asana, twisting poses, leg raises to tone up the abs, all interspersed with the relaxing child pose and shavasana culminating finally in a cleansing pranayam that included the whole shebang: kapalbharti, seetali, anulom vilom, bramari and the final group chanting of Om to relieve the body of all stress and strain leaving it completely rejuvenated to tackle the day ahead with new vigour as everyone concentrated all the positive energy into the palm of their hands and then soaked in that golden aura with a collective reverberation of Om Shanti…Shanti…Shantihi….

(I believe I learn a lot by travelling & interacting with interesting people. For the rest, I am an Osmania  topper in Communication & Journalism that landed me fun stints at The Times of India, The Hindustan Times,CSE, Career Launcher, Bangkok Prep International, Happy Green Egypt, Oasis Egypt, BCA Chronicle Egypt, 90caps.com, NCBIS Cairo, I am Gurgaon, CitySpidey)


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