Just do it…..

Good Morning people. The scene outside my kitchen window this morning was something like this: Buildings everywhere as far as the eye could see… of every shape, size and colour… somewhat like my son’s bar graphs, only multiplied manifold. A faint fog swirled in the skies, the distant screech of vehicles on the main road was interspersed by the early morning animal sounds… a bark here…. a twitter there… the cow’s bell tolling faintly somewhere. Right in front of my balcony was an apartment block wearing an armour of hideous scaffolding.. building material scattered everywhere… giant iron bars… misshapen wooden blocks… cement… & painting material piled high… in fact, what used to be its large green lawn once, with swings and slides for kids to frolic, looked right now like a dump yard… unkempt… grass-less… muddy… barren!!!

Bang in the middle of all this chaos…. I see this man… sitting poised in Vajrasana on what looked like one of those hardy jute bags builders use to pack bricks…. calmly going about his yoga routine…. breathing in…. breathing out… all alone…. serene….. as if he was at one of those exotic resorts nestled in the Himalayas, promising instant nirvana. My ginger tea bubbled furiously on the stove, but I couldn’t help staring on. Done with his Anulom-Vilom Pranayam…. he proceeded to the next breathing technique… before starting with his stretches and eventually the rigorous butterfly moves. It was the most fascinating scene for me as the guy seemed completely absorbed in himself, oblivious of the mundane sounds and messy surroundings.

A yoga buff myself, I can vouch for the very basic need to have a peaceful and clean little spot to truly enjoy your routine of looking inwards. Because only when you are completely and truly cut off from the madness of life…. can you begin with your perky warm up… gentle stretching… energizing Suryanamaskar… soothing deep breaths as you shut yourself further from the world in Shavasana… followed by some twists, turns …. and ultimately the trance-like meditation with the sounds of Om and the Bramri Pranayam reverberating within. So, how that random guy was managing to do all this amid all the unpleasantness of his ambience was beyond me.

The sheer WILL, I suppose, had found a WAY. A way to block all that was disturbing…. unsightly… loud… interfering… only to focus on the regimen, without wavering. Truly amazing. An example of great self discipline. Made me introspect about my own struggles with self discipline. Be it diet control….exercise… or sticking to deadlines …. or keeping appointments… or simply blogging regularly. We’ve all been through the ups and downs of recreating order in our lives. The latest example of which, in my case, interestingly is my WILL to observe the Navratras fast. In India, as such, it is no big deal…. a zillion people do it year after year… i.e. for the 10 days of the festival, you observe a strict diet that is vegetarian, no grain, no pulses, no onion and garlic, plus the use of sea salt ONLY & Oh…. absolutely no alcohol whatsoever!  But for me, personally, it is a major victory over the senses that crave carbs…. and meats …. and egg proteins…. and curries… and the occasional bacardi breezer!!!

What I am left with is a healthy mix of dairy…. nuts… fruits, vegetables and typical vrat stuff like sabudana kichdi and kottu ke aate ki roti (which btw I have yet to try!). It is an effort frankly…. especially since i am the COOK and even if I cannot eat it… I am the one cooking the paneer makhni, bhindi fried in onion, butter omelette, parathas, rajma chawal, pasta bolognaise, cakes & the rest of the hearty stuff. Takes an effort I tell you…. but this once I am determined… cheerfully gluging my n-eth glass of flavoured milk… home-made and sugar free (just for info).

It’s a way, I suppose, every once in a while of telling yourself… You can…. so why not Just do it…. For more inspiration …… there’s always the guy in the muddy lawn …. doing yoga!!!!… ; ))


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