Back with the Blah…Blah….

Jai Mata Di bhaktjano. On March 5 this year I wrote my very first blog “The UNherd mentality”. And signed off with a note to self to keep blogging. Blogs on a range of moodie/foodie topics followed: the Nirbhaya episode…. news these days… rules be damned… sexual harassment/education… my recipes… sledging… expat musings (my favourite)… Nepal quake… parenting.. fitness fundas… The flow of thoughts gurgled forth like a merry mountain brook… till May 16th that is…. And then….. complete LULL!!!!

It was as if the mood and the method had taken a hike. Not much inspiration and even less motivation. Alas!

Not that things weren’t happening. There was the Maggie crisis to begin with…. followed by a summer vacation which might as well have been a combo of vacant+tension!!! Searing heat to contend with plus no cooking catharsis coz of the steep fall in the quality and quantity of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats available in the market. In my case it’s clear: food certainly defines the mood to a huge extent.

Life trudged on… and we decided to “shift” houses. Ya.. ya… I have seen all of those stand-ups by Russell Peters mocking what we Indians call “shifting” … but I am gonna stick to that… so “shifting” houses it is. One of the best decisions in a long time. There certainly is something about space that is very liberating. Especially for a person like me, very used to my invigorating moments of complete peace and quite in the hurtling dynamics of the day. After a bout of frenzied shifting… here I am sitting at my desk…. blissful! And though I am typically surrounded by a concrete jungle of cement, I can still see the green Aravali range from one of my windows. I can actually hear the delightful “Phe-ea-ao-nnnnn” of the peacock early in the am. I can breathe in the cool morning breeze with a hint of winter in it. I can delight in the aromas of home cooked delicacies. Simply put: I can be ME… the societal cog… the individual… the blogger!!!!

Right now though the thoughts in my head are a bitter-sweet medley. News from a dear friend who tragically lost her little princess has rattled the very bearings of the soul. Discussion among those of us who knew her, invariably veers around the topic and then it is very difficult not to feel her immense pain! I, admittedly, have not had the guts to face her… but those who have seem to be seeking solace in the sermons of the Bhagwad Gita —  “Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.”

HOPE… that is all you can cling to, fueled by faith. For the rest, some form of charity, some heart-felt “giving back to society” can work wonders. You know that already, don’t you. The opportunities are plenty. In fact, right round the corner if you look. And for us in India, the start of the Navratras: the festival of the mighty Goddess Durga/Lakshmi/Saraswati – the Mother – the very essence of strength/prosperity & knowledge– resplendent in all her glory — is THE perfect opportunity to make a new beginning.

Pledging on this auspicious day to do my bit then, I sign off with yet another note to self to “keep blogging” … Sherawali mata teri sada hi Jai…. 


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