Hari Om Tat Sat folks. As a natural corollary to my earlier post #sex#harassment#me#power we move on to sex education. Something, I very strongly feel, in today’s vicious environment is as essential as the Times Table, and should be taken up on a “sooner the better” pace by schools and parents alike. Once again information can be power if disseminated correctly and at the proper time. What is with all this CHOKING when it comes to talking about sex, especially with kids??? Come to think of it, it is just a basic biological function like eating, shitting or sleeping. And needs to be explained and tackled just like that… no hawwws….. haaaas about it. I mean would you rather your kid know about the very eminent dangers around or stay blissfully unaware coz you are stifled in your own prudish cocoon blinkers firmly on???

Ok, tell me, shouldn’t your little girl and boy know that —

— the 58-yr-old “uncle” could molest and rape a kid on the pretext of showing her explicit content on his computer or offering her goodies as she innocently plays in the basement of her apartment with other 3rd, 5th and 7th standard friends

— or the maid in the reputed pre-school could actually be “touching him/her inappropriately” in the loo on the pretext of washing the kid…. and needs to be taken to task immediately!!!

— or the security guard at the condo gate is not the “friendly bhaiyya” clicking selfies with kids sitting on his lap… but a predator on the look out for cheap thrills, sexually charged no doubt by the free porn circulating in mobiles today!!!

Can’t think of any reason you would disagree. Seriously. The only factor to be taken into consideration is the HOW to explain… so obviously one does not start explaining the nitty-gritties of intercourse to a 5-yr-old… and you typically start with the tried and tested “good touch-bad touch” fundamentals. But a constant reminder is essential, as is a gradual increase in information as the kid grows up. In an era where 9-yr-olds having their period is becoming a common occurrence globally and pornography is available at the click of a button….. a sex education revolution is a MUST!!!!

Here, I’d like to mention a very interesting episode: I am a great fan of the Manorama’s “Tell Me Why” monthly mag and usually pick up the latest copy for my pre-teen. This time to my utter delight the topic was “Human Body”… so there was detailed info on parts of a cell….cerebrum & cerebellum…lymphatic system… digestion… respiration… circulation… excretion… hormones… the works… but NOT A WORD on the equally crucial reproductive system!!! Not even in the sub text… Surprising, actually SHOCKING!!! …But surely in deference to a society that cringes at the very mention of the “S” word… when like I  mentioned time and again, the newspapers… TV channels… magazines… internet… are FULL of daily news on sexual abuse around the world!!!

So what is this dichotomy…this sham… this double standard??? Think really deep about it guys…. and in the meantime have a look at the beautifully illustrated info on the Reproductive System in Om’s “The Big Book of Knowledge” that very rightly explains each body system with equal focus & ease. Till next time… Happy Reading my friends (and don’t forget to tag your kids along)….

NB: very amused with absolutely NO response to my post #sex#harassmen#me#power….. certainly not the verbosity to blame!!!… : )))


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