Rueing the Rules!!!!

Sat Sri Akal friends. Just back from dropping my son to school and a very interesting thought crossed my mind. What triggered it was the casual audacity with which most drivers on the road — white collar & brown – were completely disrespecting traffic rules! From the favourite jumping the red light and overtaking from the wrong side to simply ignoring the traffic regulator’s signals & butting into on-going traffic from the wrong lane… As for the speed limit….. seemed to have a very limited appeal for most.

I know a few of you would go “Dah”… “what’s new…yawn!!!”… But isn’t it this very “rules be damned” approach the reason behind all the chaos today. Yah…yah…all this rules gyan coming from someone like me who in her very first blog talked of the “UNherd mentality” may sound a little confusing, but guys despite all the free-spiritedness one thing that absolutely defines a society and keep it from regressing into anarchy is its core rules.

— stop at a red light

— respect the speed limit

— wear the helmet

BASICS!!!!…. just like in a civilized society you can’t loot…murder…or rape!!!!! But ours IS a civilized society. And a democracy at that. So then how come such glaring lawlessness EVERYDAY!

The answer is very simple, and like the Buddha dawned on me as I was driving: When the rules are not IMPLEMENTED in true letter and spirit…. a person who has the audacity to jump a red light in full public view…. will tomorrow maybe not mind stealing ….and then go on and try his unfettered hand at sexual or physical abuse as well….cosy in the fact that the rules mean NOTHING!!!! He/She will never be caught let alone punished!!!!

Result???… BREAKING rules today is almost being viewed as macho!!!!

— see I got away with parking my car in the “no parking zone”…  I am the minister’s son

— look how I bully my way to the front of the queue…  I have loads of money

— watch as I rape this girl on Whatsapp…. I am a man!

So then where is the hand of restraint. What’s become of the so-called well-thought out rules that were supposed to serve as guidelines of society??? Blaming it all on the ubiquitous “authorities” comes very easy and naturally, but a little analysis of your own behavior is also not out of place. It’s very unfortunate that what starts as anger towards this all pervading lawlessness gradually mutates into a resigned participation in that very rule-breaking out of sheer frustration. Gradually it becomes a habit and breaking rules becomes the done thing.

— so little kids think its ok to litter the garden even though the trash can is right there

— papa thinks its ok to let his 8-yr-old sit on his lap in the car and handle the steering wheel

— mom can’t care too hoots about the 20 K speed limit within the colony as we are getting late for school

Baby steps to a future mired in a self-destructive web of lies, bribes, might is right, deception, “I, Me, Myself…in other words complete disorder!!!!

Sounds almost like the beginnings of a Raju Hirani flick na.??. This time though, if things have got to change …. the Munna Bhai…..the Rusy… the  PK….the  Rancho…. will have to be YOU!!!


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