No News is Good News

Jai Ramji Ki folks. One of the elementary joys of my life is reading the newspaper in the morning. For a whole generation of morning people like me, nothing really beats the simple pleasure of starting the day with a steaming cup of ginger chai and a well-written article. And so I thought it was time to introduce my 12-yr-old to the habit.

One week on and I firmly believe he’s better off watching the World Cup & its replays!!! The project has been duly shelved for now. The reasons?? Well, to name just a few…

— a 72-year-old nun is gang raped in a church

— an honest IAS officer “commits suicide” just before he is planning a major raid on the sand mafia

— Kanye West is thrilled to share nude pics of his wife who thinks he is “super cute”

— ministers bite each other in the Assembly

— a 6-year-old has a rod inserted into her vagina

— a cop kicks and punches his grown up daughter in full public glare for refusing to marry the man of his choice

— another Indian student is shot dead in the US

— terrorists slash their innocent captives in blatant videos

— a blogger is mercilessly hacked to death on a busy commercial street for “speaking his mind on religion”

— a mother strangles her three kids lining them neatly in a death sleep before attempting to hang herself

— a class XI student is jailed for his FB post

— a rape accused is pulled out of the police station and lynched by a mob

— jihadi johns and their modus operandi are profiled almost daily in minute detail

–in the meantime, bombs explode…..wars ravage nations…. children get orphaned….

No I don’t think I am prepared to focus on this truly UGLY side of the world in a shambles first thing in the morning. Already, the school curriculum today makes kids aware of niggling global issues like the green house effect…….rising air, water and plastic pollution……natural disasters triggered no doubt by lop-sided development projects…. the new face of terrorism….cyber bullying…globesity scourge…chemicals in food… heinous war crimes….hate crimes…water scarcity….joblessness….dwindling flora and fauna… sexual abuse… & other growing pains!!!!

It can get so depressing that ever so often I find myself wondering “what kind of a world are we leaving for our little ones.”  What have we done!!!! ’tis best then to let him laugh with Big Nate…. explore the Science of Stupid…swing on the monkey bars….unwind with some Battle Camp…..kick a ball…hit a run…slurp an ice lolli…dig into a big bowl of pasta… enjoy play dates with his pals….roll on the green grass… basically just be a typical 12-yr-old….

So I leave him glued to the South Africa-Sri Lanka cracker of a match…….and move on to the kitchen to get the dinner going…. when he shouts out “South Africa has won mamma”…….. and the “naked body of a 75 year old woman has been discovered in Burdwan!!!!!!!”


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