Shedding Jyoti on an unholy MENtality…..

Alhamdullilah everyone. It’s Holi season but what completely consumes my mind right now is an unholy mess!!!  Looks like the convict rests his case for the death sentence by his own utterances and of those “defending” him. Purely legally speaking: Can anyone show us the LAW that says –

—  a decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night….. (REALLY???)

— shouldn’t fight back while being raped…. (WOW…GOOD ONE!!!)

— boys and girls are not equal…. housework and housekeeping is for girls, not roaming in discos….. (SAYS WHO PRAY??)

— & a girl should only go out with male members of her family (BUT OF COURSE!!)

IS there such a LAW???… NO!!!!…

But the amazing thing is that the so-called “juvenile” who  —

a) had the cunning to entice Jyoti to board the bus, which shows a certain amount of pre-meditation (as acknowledged and lauded by an unrepentant Mukesh)

b) took “active” part in the rape and demonic mutilation, so gory it sends chills down the spine just reading about it even today!!!

c) in a planned action, apparently got rid of the disgorged entrails after throwing the victims out of the bus and helped clean the scene of the heinous crime… like it was just another day at work!!!!

— has the dice loaded in his favour resulting probably in his release soon!!!!

Some juvenile this hanh??? and some rules of the game!!!!!

Among the definitions of juvenile in the English dictionary are words like: childish, immature, babyish!!!!…

Can someone please EXPLAIN… or should we re-do the English language!!!!

What kind of an environment are we creating, where the raped needs to defend herself and not the rapist… where the whole ho-ha is about banning a documentary when the real issue is “exemplary punishment for the rapists”…. where justice is often so delayed that in the meantime several rapes have taken place and several victims have “committed suicide” due to sheer helplessness & hopelessness!!!

What the hell is going on???

And the pertinent point is that the position of women is shaky, shady and a big sham across the world not just in India. Why else would glamour EVERYWHERE be only about botoxed beauties flaunting plastic bodies and fake smiles. Why else would big global conglomerates scramble to appoint the same old handful of women managers into their board to display a skewed semblance of gender balance? Why else would concepts like” item number” and “cheer leaders” come up coz at the end of the day let’s be very clear its all ONLY about skimpily clad women displaying their wares and not at all about dancing or cheering!!! Why else would some golf clubs still be men’s only preserve???… & finally why Oh why would a talented Miley Ray Cyrus have to resort time and again to a desperate raunchiness and not just plain and simple melody to attract attention!!!!

The “modern, educated, supposedly progressive” world too is mired by sexual and mental abuse of women re-enforcing attitudinal stereotypes that get entrenched deeper every time a women’s worth is decided by her cleavage or a resounding slap across her face settles the argument at home! Why else would Madonna…yes THE Madonna, reveal after years that “she did not go to the police after getting raped during her early days in New York because she feared it would be too humiliating.”

Think it’s time women realize EVERDAY is women’s day…. & seize every moment with both hands to make this very clear to the rest of the world!!!!

Till next time….. proud to be a woman!



  1. Azlina Azmi · March 17, 2015

    Well said! You go G!


    • gunjanpande · March 19, 2015

      thank u my dear Azlina… inspired to write more… : ))


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