The UNherd Mentality

Om Sai Ram people of the world. FINALLY!!!!…managed to stop mulling, got off my arse… and started writing my blog. MY blog!!..Wow… Sounds good. So good actually. Horray & Hossanas. How do I begin then? By rebelling of course. Which right now does not mean I’ll be venting my share of spleen on the Nirbhaya documentary, though I am very tempted to. Nor will I, just yet, spew sacreligiousms on the blatant beef ban bullshit!!! No guys. The teenage mutant gene in me, that refuses to mutate into an adult (and far gone one at that), goads me to rebel against the simple WordPress (god bless them) diktat — “use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.”

WHY??? the rebel gene barks. And please do not look too hard for logic here. But isn’t it my decision to write whatever I want to, however I want, instead of trying to explain the staid whys and whats. So Normal and therefore So BORING! Just like the herd mentality that follows orders blindly to get a fleeting sense of ‘belonging”… of seeming to “fit into” the puppet polity. Of settling into the cosy comfort of conforming! YAWN!!!

And so I bring to you, the exact opposite: which I call the “UNherd” mentality (no pun intended), that strives to be different, to pave a new path, to set its own rules and learn its own life lessons along the way! Now don’t get me wrong here. It’s just the basic human free will spreading its wings.

And as I glide in my own free space, I’d like to begin by thanking my friend Shweta for bringing me onto this world & word platform. My circumstances for prodding me to blog. My parents for nurturing the UNherd mentality (even at their peril at times). My days (and nights) at The Hindustan Times and The Times of India that honed the written word and fanned the fire to opine (as if it needed any more fanning). My friends for being friends. My family for being my family. And finally, my individuality that revels in expression.

Very red-carpetish hanh? Dramatic! But different too, coz it’s straight from the heart – the one that rules all the emotions and emoting in the Leo within. It’s as if I am jotting down my thoughts right now. And why not?

I express therefore I am: yup, that pretty much sums me up! So when the “moodie me” is in form it’s all about women’s voices (naturally), spreading the green word, dissecting the commercialism behind beauty products & procedures, slaying the junk food giants (Hail Jamie!!!!), having my democratic say on just about anything that catches my fancy, exposing the sheer nonsense behind the ‘was it blue & black or white and gold’ kinda crap….& blah blah.

And when the foodie surfaces, there is a smorgasboard of family recipes, personal experiments, fun experiences, table tales and basically enough food for thought to cook up a storm. Metaphorically!

Signing off on that note with a “note to self” to keep blogging…….


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